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Make your home standout with our designer collection.

This collection of feature faux designs offer a marvelous solution of 3D effect, raw, authentic, unique and modern design.

Our Rustic Red Brick texture effect wall panel is influenced by the materials found in rustic warehouse style New York loft apartments, with worn down crumbling brick as the design. When installed in a modern setting and styled with detail and precision, this design uncovers a flawlessly stylish rustic space, that has real character to create an authentic atmosphere.

Unlike wallpaper these solid panels can be slotted together using their tongue and groove interlocking system that provides a flush finish and even levels off irregularities on walls resulting in a smooth surface finish. The panels are easy to install - simply use adhesive to hang and slot the panels together.

This red brick hygienic wall paneling can be used in any room in the house, and looks great in a dining or living room as a feature wall setting. Our panels are known for their ease to maintain - simply clean using a warm soapy microfibre cloth to wipe down.




Is your bathroom looking tired? Is the grout grubby? Is the ceiling looking less than attractive and the floor uninspiring? You can change all of this as a DIY project at a price you simply won’t believe. Really. Your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house so surely its worth making it special? And if you’re looking to sell your house, here’s how to add thousands in value for hundreds in cost!

The Decor Cladding Centre offers a genuine alternative to ceramic tiles with our unique range of pvc wall panels and one that is within the reach of the average DIY enthusiast. It is easy to install, can transform a bathroom in a day and comes at a price that will astound you. Can you realistically transform your wilting bathroom into a gorgeous, warm and inviting room without calling in a fitter? Yes, you can and here’s how:

Let’s start with the walls including the shower walls. Every one of our panels, of which we have an enormous range, is suitable for any part of your bathroom, from in the shower itself to the rest of the walls. They are 100% waterproof and are designed especially for wet and damp environments.

The panels come in a huge variety of sizes and types that our exert staff will guide you through. Alongside the traditional sparkles or plain finishes there are now marble, wood, high resolution print and textured stone finishes. Where there were once just flat shiny panels there are now gloss, matt and textured panels. The choice is simply enormous and at the Decor Cladding Centre, we pride ourselves in having the largest range in the UK and we are constantly developing new and inspirational designs.

All the tiles share one thing; they are easy to fit. They are all simple tongue and groove so that on the walls they simply need an adhesive and to be shaped then slotted together. They can be placed over existing tiles, so there is no need to chip off the existing tiles and re-skim! The panels can be cut using a small fine-toothed saw and for all the corners or joins we offer a huge range of trims that finish the joint off perfectly and can easily hide the odd cut that isn’t perfect! You can watch our videos to give you the guidance you need and our staff are there at any point in your project to offer assistance or guidance.

Fitting the ceiling panels follows the same principles but as the panels are hanging down we recommend that on the tongue you staple, nail or screw at metre intervals. There are a wide range of ceiling panels, including wood effect white panels that can look amazing, (the editors choice!) so you can contrast nicely against the wall panel.

Finally, the floor. Yes, there’s cheap vinyl or at the other end of the scale expensive ceramic tiles. But we have a better solution. Our click-lock luxury vinyl tiles are perfect, with a range of stone and wood finishes that look amazing. The click-lock tiles require no adhesive or underlay, just a flat surface on which to place them. Our tiles are textured to perfectly replicate either wood or stone but are warm and snuggly underfoot! Simply cut to shape and place. With a class-leading 0.5mm wear layer these tiles are guaranteed for 25 years. Waterproof, long lasting and slip proof these tiles are just perfect.

So, can you transform your existing bathroom over a long weekend? The answer is yes. A gorgeous, clean, easy to maintain and long lasting finish throughout is easily within reach. There is nothing that will transform your house as simply, cheaply and easily as a bathroom transformation with the Decor Cladding Centre. Check out the website or call our friendly and experienced staff and let’s just do it!


Internal Cladding – A Completely Different Product - Safe To Use In The Home

As the shocking scenes and news continue to emerge from this tragedy answers are being sought as to how this fire started and how it spread so quickly.

External Cladding and replacement windows were installed in 2016 as part of a major renovation and there is speculation that the installation of the external cladding may be responsible for the rate at the fire spread.

The 2016 external renovation, where external cladding - a curtain wall façade, and replacement windows were installed is being investigated as a possible reason for the rate at which the fire spread.

It is important to understand that external cladding and internal cladding are completely different products in specification, material content and usage. The products used in the Grenfell Tower fire bear no relation to the products used internally in bathrooms and around the house as an alternative to tiles.

On the morning of the 14th of June, we received various enquiries regarding the fire safety aspects of our products. There has been speculation that the external cladding may have caused the fire to spread so quickly and we feel a responsibility to put minds at rest and reassure people who are understandably concerned about fire risk after these tragic events. Internal cladding bears no relation whatsoever to external cladding.

Witnesses reported that the fire appeared to spread up the external cladding, possibly creating a chimney effect aided by wind and by the air that was sucked in by the fire itself. As such, it appeared to race up the building.

Internal cladding products are specifically designed for use within the home and come with Class 1 fire rating, and far exceed the flame spread limits prescribed by BS 476: Part 7. The majority of our products are actually 50% chalk, which does not burn and some products even come with an interior layer of fire retardant material. In fact they are less likely to catch fire than most other products within the home.

Our thoughts are with the people effected by the terrible events at Grenfell Tower and we wish those effected a full and speedy recovery.

If you have any other questions about our products and how they are affected by fire then please contact us via our website, Social Media or simply give us a call.


The Hygienic Benefits of Bathroom Cladding

Posted By Decor Cladding Centre

When considering the look and feel you want in your bathroom to create the perfect relaxing ambience one thing you probably overlook is how day to day wear and tear will effect to overall look and feel in the coming years. What may look clean and fresh at installation can soon become a breeding ground for dirt and grime…

So imagine you have chosen your perfect bathroom, you can imagine it in the space you have, you picture the lighting, the mirrors, the furniture and accessories – but what about the wall and ceiling space? How can you give your bathroom the beautiful look and feel whilst ensuring hygiene and longevity of it’s “clean” look and feel for the years ahead. It’s simple…..with Bathroom cladding panels.

PVC Vox Panel

There are some real advantages of bathroom cladding over traditional tiles which makes them a great contender when creating your bathroom. Bathroom cladding although it doesn’t appear plastic is made from PVC which is inherently hard wearing and unlike tiles won’t break or crack on impact. It’s durable and flexible which makes it easy to fit, easier to maintain and obviously easier to clean! One of the main advantages for us is there is no grout needed, hence there is nowhere for mould to grow, grime to gather and germs to breed, making it the hygienic and cleaner looking option. Due to the material it also has a wipe clean surface which will help to retain it’s hygienic and youthful look throughout the lifetime of your bathroom!

If you haven’t seen the ranges of Bathroom cladding recently then you will be surprised at how Bathroom Cladding has evolved since the 60’s. The look, feel and design has developed so much over recent years it now offers such a wide range of finishes you will be literally spoilt for choice. The new looks include everything from the traditional sparkle, marble and plain tiles through to metallic, stone and even wood effect finishes, which makes it perfect to also create the style you want now and well in to the future.

Put together the benefits of bathroom cladding: the ease of install, ease of maintenance, easy clean, hygienic, durable and hard wearing, long lasting, fire retardant, eco friendly and so very stylish and you have the perfect accompaniment to any bathroom.

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